The value of the certification for ice rescue, at all levels, comes from recognition of the effectiveness of the specific course.  Our White Bear certification is not only recognized and highly regarded by public safety agencies around the country, but by the equipment manufacturers and the USCG, as well.  It is really considered one of the premier certifications you can get.

From our standpoint, certifying you as a trainer means that you have the right to use our materials to teach ice rescue technician classes to your department and your mutual aid departments.  When you completely follow our course materials, even if you break the sessions up differently, you may issue White Bear certificates to your students.  To do so, you must purchase the student manuals and certificates from us.  Certificates cannot be purchased separately from manuals.  Patches are also available.

Certification is for three years.  If you conduct classes, using our materials, on a regular basis, we will allow you to continue to obtain the manuals and certificates for your students.  If you have not been conducting classes using our materials and your certification runs out, we would need to have you recertify before allowing you to use our manuals and issue White Bear Certificates.  Recertification will be granted when you attend a Practical Ice Rescue class conducted by a White Bear Rescue Training instuctor.  Recertification is good for three years.