Swiftwater Rescue Training



Swiftwater Technician
Classroom and Three Intensive days on the River





Swiftwater Technician is a four day course for public safety personnel with a background in river rescue.  It is a physically and emotionally demanding class which should only be undertaken by individuals who are dedicated to continual drilling in the swiftwater environment.


Day One consists of Classroom instruction and field exercises.

Days Two - Three - Four are in the river.


Students with current NFPA Awareness and Operations certification may skip Day One Classroom instruction. 


Required 1000 foot open water endurance swim will be conducted.


White Bear's Swiftwater Technician course is certified by the Illinois State Fire Marshal.


Each participant must have his/her own safety gear!

This consists of high-impact pfd with crotch straps, a water helmet, wet or drysuit, gloves, water shoes, whistle and throwbag. 

Ropes, rigging hardware, rescue devices and boat are supplied.


Exercises for Swiftwater Technician include swimming self-rescue techniques, throwbag, wading rescue, "Live Bait" swimming rescue and tethered boat rescues.



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